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Available in:
180kg, 15kg


Gulf Western Alumex LX Moly Arctic is an extreme pressure, multipurpose, aluminum complex grease formulated for use in automotive and industrial equipment operating at low ambient temperatures down to -35°C. It has good mobility at low temperatures plus a high dropping point for year-round use in arctic climates. Alumex LX Moly Arctic is a an adhesive aluminum complex grease blended with high quality solid lubricants and low viscosity base oils and PAO. It is enhanced with select additives that provide EP and anti-wear properties, good oxidation resistance, and rust and corrosion protection. It is fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide (moly) that provides excellent boundary protection from shock and wear under heavy load or shock loads. It has good shear stability and resistance to water washout. It is suitable for both winter and summer use in arctic climates.

Download ALUMEX LX MOLY ARCTIC Product Data Sheet

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