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FOODTECH FM GREASES is manufactured in a ISO 21469 certified facility and meeting NSF H1 regulations for lubricants with incidental food contact.

Available in:
180 kg - TBA


FOODTECH FM GREASES are high quality, heavy load, high temperature aluminium complex thickened lubricating grease based on pharmaceutical grade white oils and polymers. The grease is formulated with effective antioxidants and EP/AW additives.
The thickener, together with the high viscosity base oil blend, makes the product suitable for bearings operating at low to medium speeds, including heavily loaded applications. The grease has good water resistance, corrosion protection and oxidation resistance properties.
FOODTECH FM GREASES are high performance universal food machinery grease. The all-round properties of the product make it suitable for various types of bearings commonly found in the food processing industry.

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