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FOODTECH GEAR LUBE 150 is manufactured in a ISO 21469 certified facility.

Registered under no.144814 at NSF according to H1 regulations for lubricants with incidental food contact.

Available in:
205lt - TBA


FOODTECH GEAR LUBE-150 is a polyalphaolefin (PAO) based full synthetic high performance gear lubricant. FOODTECH
GEAR LUBE-150 is formulated with high quality, advanced additive system to provide excellent protection against corrosion
and wear. It has outstanding thermal, oxidative, and hydrolytic stability in applications that require extended drain intervals.
It is miscible with mineral oils and is compatible with most seal gaskets usually found in food machinery lubrication system.
Flushing or cleaning of the lube system is recommended before switching to FOODTECH GEAR LUBE-150. The product can
be applied by using immersion, immersion circulation or injection, brush or drip-feed lubrication for chains applications.

Download FOODTECH GEAR LUBE 150 Product Data Sheet

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