Available in:
15KG – 42035 | 450gram – 40435


Multi-Lith Grease 2 is a multi-purpose lithium-thickened grease with high dropping point, developed for use in most industrial and commercial applications, providing exceptional protection through tough film base stocks. The grease possesses good water resistance with special anti-oxidant, anticorrosion and oiliness properties.

Multi-Lith Grease 2 has excellent stability and are suitable for use at temperature of up to 120 °C for extended period of time. It is truly versatile, multi-purpose grease with a unique combination of benefits.

Multi-Lith Grease 2 pumps well at low temperatures and maintain the consistency with minimal oil bleed during long-term storage.

Download MULTI -LITH GREASE 2 Grease Product Data Sheet


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