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Open Gear Lube HD

P&H Material Specifications 520 and 464, Bucyrus specification SD471



Open Gear Lube HD is a premium grade, adhesive, residual compounded, extreme pressure multi- purpose open gear lubricant designed primarily for the lubrication of heavily loaded open gears, semi-closed gears on mining shovels, draglines and excavator equipment commonly found in underground or surface mines and quarries. It is also excellent for large, slow moving open gears, steel cables, wire ropes, open gears in rotary kilns, overflow mills and similar equipment commonly found in cement, steel or power plants, or on stationary rotating machinery such as tube mills, SAG mills, ball/rod mills and paper mills. It can also be used in the lubrication of sleeve type bushings and slow moving, heavily loaded bearings, circle rails and rollers.
Open Gear Lube HD is formulated with selected blend of paraffinic and synthetic fluids, and a synergetic blend of anti-wear, extreme pressure additives, antioxidants, molybdenum disulfide, solid lubricants and corrosion inhibitors. Its strong adhesive film resists squeeze out, allowing the product to cling tenaciously to gears.

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