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Dietz Automation Gmbh (servo valve & proportional valve test equipment), DIN 51524 Part 3 HVLP Type, GB 111181-1-94 (HV Fluids), ISO 11158 (HV Fluids), Komatsu Mining (operation in cold & artic conditions, -50 deg C to 35 deg C)


SUPERDRAULIC ARCTIC is a specially formulated hydraulic oil with excellent low temperature properties, that ensures the hydraulic fluid flows at temperatures where conventional hydraulic fluids might be too viscous for equipment to operate smoothly and safely. The oil is based on carefully selected base stocks and special additives package and has extremely high viscosity index, allowing operation over a wide temperature range.
SUPERDRAULIC ARCTIC contains ashless (zinc free) anti-wear additives to help protect critical components of the hydraulic system from wear. Formulated for use in extreme temperature environment such as artic climate conditions or cold storage depot, equipment with precision hydraulic system, heavy and light duty hydraulic systems operating under severe temperature. It is suitable for very low or sub-zero temperature artic operating environment; all types of heavy or light duty hydraulic systems that seldom exceed 75 deg C operating temperature; or for systems starting up at extreme low temperature and the temperature increases during operation.

Download SUPERDRAULIC ARCTIC OIL 32 Product Data Sheet