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Classification HFDU according to ISO 6743-4



SUPERDRAULIC HFDU fluids are new generation, water-free, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. They are formulated with carefully selected additives and organic esters meeting Factory Mutual Global standards. These products possess excellent pump wear characteristics and have inherently good lubricity, high oxidation stability and excellent detergency which contribute to system cleanliness.
SUPERDRAULIC HFDU fluids provide good performance in conventional hydraulic system and have superior fire resistance properties when compared with conventional mineral fluids. Pressurized oil in hydraulic systems presents a considerable fire hazard threat, particularly where ignition sources are present. The use of SUPERDRAULIC HFDU fluids lessen the serious risks of such fire risks. In addition, they are biodegradable with low ecotoxicity, and are particularly suited for use in environmentally sensitive areas.
SUPERDRAULIC HFDU fluids are designed to provide long service and extended equipment life in demanding operation where fire hazards may be present. It is recommended to be used at a maximum operating temperature of 120 C.

Download Superdraulic HFDU Product Data Sheet