SYN-X 7000 5W-30 API SL/CF full SYn


Ford WSS-M2C-913D (913C, 913B, 913A), ACEA A5/B5, API SL/CF, Renault 0700.

Available in:
205L – 60020 | 20L – 62020 | 5L – 60520


SYN–X 7000 5W-30 is a fully synthetic engine oil specially engineered for late model Ford passenger cars. It has been formulated to meet Ford requirement WSS-M2C-913D and can also be used where 913C, 913B and 913A specs are called for. Suitable vehicles include Ford Territory, Focus, Fiesta, Mondeo and much more. SYN-X 7000 is an energy conserving oil that has demonstrated in field trials to reduce consumption by up to 3%.

Download Syn-X 7000 API SL/CF Full Syn Product Data Sheet

Download Syn-X 7000 API SL/CF Full Syn MSDS



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