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API GL-4, Caterpillar T0-4, Allison C4, Meets corrosion, wear and oxidation
requirements of DIN 51 524 Part 2 (Type HLP)

Available in:
IBC – 30047B | 205L – 30047 | 20L – 32047


Torque Oil is a monograde Caterpillar TO-4 performance drive train fluid. The frictional performance of
Torque Oil is superior to TO-2 approved fluids. Torque Oil 10W has been designed to extend the life and
performance of all Caterpillar transmissions and hydraulic systems as well as those of Komatsu drive trains.
Torque Oil 10W also meets the Allison C4 requirements. Meeting the general hydraulic oil requirements
of DIN 51 524 Part 2 (type HLP) for protection of hydraulic equipment from corrosion, oxidation and wear,
Torque Oil 10W is suitable for use in both mobile and static hydraulic systems where a 10W (ISO 32 – 46) or
15W (ISO 46 – 68) hydraulic fluid is called for. Suited for some hydrostatic transmissions.

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