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ALSTOM HGD 90117T, ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94 (R & O), BS 489, CINCINNATI MACHINE P-39, DIN 51 515 PART 1 (TD), DIN 51 515 PART 2 (TG), DIN 51 517 PART 1/2 (C/CL), GEK 101941 A, GEK 107395 A, GEK 28568 A, GEK 32568 F, GM LS-01/02/03-1-97, GM LJ-03/04/06/10-2-97, GM LJ-03/04/06/10-1-97, MIL-PRF-17331J, MORGAN WORCHESTER ADVANCED LUBRICANT, MORGAN WORCHESTER STANDARD LUBRICANT, SEB 181 225, SIEMENS TLV 9013, SOLAR ES 9-224 (CLASS I/CLASS II), VOITH SULZER VN 108

Available in:
205lt - TBA


Ultra Clean Turbine Oils is a range of extended service life, rust and oxidation-inhibited turbine oils. The products are formulated with highly refined base stocks and proprietary additive systems for severe and long-life turbine applications. They are highly resistant to oxidation and offer outstanding protection against the corrosion of critical metal surfaces. Ultra Clean Turbine Oils offers excellent demulsification properties and excellent filterability, very quick air release for effective
performance. This product passed through severe filtration (5 micron and 10 micron filter bags) prior to filling and specifically filter to meet the ISO 4406 fluid cleanliness level. It is compatible with all common metals and sealing materials used in many turbine systems.

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