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SOLAR ES 9-224 (CLASS1 / CLASS II), SIEMENS TLV 9013, DIN 51 515 PART 1 (TD), DIN 51 515 PART 2 (TG),DIN 51 517 PART 1/2 (C/CL), VOITH SULZER VN 108, MIL-PRF -17331J, ALSTOM HGD 90117T

Available in:
205lt - TBA


Ultra Clear Turbine Oils are a premium, top-tier full synthetic turbine oil designed specifically to meet the needs of the most severe industrial gas turbine applications. They are highly resistant to oxidation and formation of acids, giving complete protection against the corrosion of critical metal surfaces. It has a very good antiwear and air release performance. They are recommended for long service in steam, combined cycle and gas turbine and land-based gas turbines, particularly units under 3,000 hp used as standby power units. The product provides outstanding low temperature fluidity beyond the capability of traditional mineral-based products and exceptional performance at high temperatures.

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