Gulf Western products are 100% Australian made and come with a seal of quality guarantee. All products are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality endorsed management system.

Please note: Many Gulf Western products can be used for various purposes and amongst different applications, so if you are unsure, please contact us on our free hotline number 1800 248 919 for technical advice.

Oil Filters (Cartridge)



R Filters – R2604PGWCF01, R2605PGWCF02, R2591PGWCF03, R2648PGWCF04, R2620PGWCF05, R2615PGWCF06, R2694PGWCF07, R2651PGWCF08, R2720PGWCF09, R2734PGWCF10, R2701PGWCF11, R2700PGWCF12, R2695PGWCF13, R2664PGWCF14, R2660PGWCF15, R2646PGWCF16, R2729PGWCF18, R2748PGWCF19, R2804PGWCF20.

In the harsh environment of a combustion engine, it is important that you have quality filtration to keep your oil free from containments. Particles of dirt, metal filings and chemicals can cause friction and premature wear of engine components, the correct application of oil filter can assist in preventing damage to your engine. Gulf Western have a range of high-quality oil filters to suit the needs of most modern and older engines. Gulf Western oil filters are backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and exceed Australian ISO standards. The range includes both spin on type which are interchangeable with ‘Z’ reference numbers and cartridge type which are interchangeable with ‘R’ reference numbers. Gulf Western oil filters meet OEM specifications and provide superior protection for your engine.

*Installation instructions can be found on the packaging.