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Syn-TS® LV is a low viscosity, technically advanced, full synthetic multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid suitable for use as service fill in most low viscosity automatic transmission applications. Proven performance through extensive field and laboratory testing to provide a service fill alternative to OEM fluids from US, European and Asian transmission manufacturers.


DX-6, MERCON LV, CHRYSLER ATF +4, JASO 1-A-LV, AISIN WARNER AW-1, HONDA DW-1, HYUNDAI/KIA SP-IV, SPH-IV, SP-IV RR, MAZDA ATF FZ, MITSUBISHI ATF-J2, SP-IV, MB 236.17, NISSAN MATIC S, TOYOTA WS (JWS 3324), AUDI/VW G 055 005, G 055 162, G060 162, G 055 540, BMW 83 22 0 142516, 83 22, 2 152 426 ZF 6, 8 AND 9 SPEED TRANSMISSIONS