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SYN-X 3000 5W-40

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205L – 300138 | 4L – 304138 | 1L – 301138


SYN-X 3000 5W-40 is an advanced, premium synthetic passenger car engine oil formulated to meet the demands of most current motor vehicles. SYN-X 3000 5W-40 provides total engine protection with performance, protection and fuel economy beyond those possible with conventional motor oils. SYN-X 3000 5W-40 responds exceptionally well to the demanding frequent stop-and-go, city driving conditions. Its outstanding thermal stability, improved viscosity-temperature characteristics and excellent low temperature fluidity makes it a true all-season lubricant. Specially selected base stocks coupled with advanced performance-enhancing additives provides superior cleaning, power and wear protection, allowing SYN-X 3000 5W-40 to meet both the rigors of cold weather operations as well some of the most demanding operating environments in tropical and desert regions. Syn-X 3000 5W-40 is especially formulated for the needs of today’s modern engines found in many passenger car, SUV, vans and light commercial vehicles powered by petrol, diesel or gas engines.


API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4, VW 501.01/505.00, MB 229.3