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SYN-X 5000 5W-30

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205L – 300139-R | 4L – 304139 | 1L – 301139


SYN-X 5000 oils is a range of advanced full synthetic passenger car engine oils formulated to meet the latest automotive performance standards, suitable for both high performance turbo charged petrol and diesel engines. SYN-X 5000 oils provide total engine protection and excellent fuel economy with protection and performance beyond those possible with conventional motor oils.

The full synthetic base oils incorporated in SYN-X 5000 have exceptional thermal stability, improved viscosity-temperature characteristics (a more stable viscosity) and excellent cold flow properties making this range true all-season lubricants. The advanced additive technology found in the SYN-X 5000 range offers class leading wear protection, engine cleanliness and oxidation protection even in the harshest driving conditions.


API SP/CF, ACEA A3/B4, Mercedes Benz 229.5, Volkswagen 502.00/505.00, Renault RN 0700, JASO MA